Bunker Disputes
The supply of bunkers is a significant segment of the Singapore maritime industry. The Singapore bunker fuel market recorded sales of 48.6 million tonnes in 2016, a 54% increase from 2007 figures. The SSO600:2008 and TR48:2015 provides for the SCMA to administer bunker disputes under Annex M AC and Annex AD respectively by way of arbitration in accordance with the Singapore Bunker Claims Procedure.

Typical bunker disputes include:
  • Quantity disputes
  • Quality disputes
  • Non-compliance with MFM procedures or suspected breach of system integrity (non-calibration etc.)
SCMA is listed as one of the three designated arbitral seats for disputes arising under BIMCO and NYPE 2015 contracts. SCMA has extensive experience in relation to time, voyage, bareboat charter and affreightment disputes across different shipping sectors. Charterparties disputes account for about half of SCMA’s caseload.

Typical charterparties disputes include:
  • Unpaid hire
  • Demurrage claims
  • Stevedore damage
  • Cargo remaining on board
  • Cargo claims
  • War risk premiums
  • Inventories and spares
Disputes arising from commodities and other commercial contracts form a core part of SCMA’s caseload. SCMA’s arbitrators are experienced in handling all types of commodities contracts including coal, rice, sand, iron ore and steel. SCMA arbitrators have particular experience in coal, with coal disputes taking up about one-fifth of SCMA’s caseload.

Typical commodities disputes include:
  • Non-payment upon delivery of cargo
  • Non-delivery
  • Demurrage claims
  • Shortfall in quantity
  • Quality disputes
  • Wrongful termination of contract
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Offshore and Oil & Gas
Few endeavours involve as many specialist entities drawn from a range of geographies, jurisdictions as the offshore and oil & gas sectors. In today’s world of multi-border deals and disputes, a significant percentage of contracts require disputes to be resolved by arbitration rather than litigation by any one national court.

Typical disputes include:
  • Arising from production sharing contracts or joint operating agreements
  • Arising from marine warranty survey services
  • Payment disputes
Shipsale, Shipbuilding & Repairs,
The construction and repairs of ship and offshore vessels is a growing sector of SCMA’s caseload. Over the years, we see increasing adoption of SCMA arbitration by yards, particularly in Asia.

Typical shipbuilding disputes include:
  • Payment of and claims against Refund guarantees
  • Brokerage commission
  • Delay and force majeure
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