The UK Club, is the world's largest mutual insurer of third party liabilities for ocean going ships currently insuring well over 160 million gross tons of owned and chartered shipping. Its financial strength and innovative range of cover and service confirms its position as the natural leader of the P&I market. Nearly one-fifth of the world's merchant tonnage is entered with the Club.

The UK Club was established in 1869 and has been based in Bermuda since 1969. Although under day to day management by Thomas Miller since 1885 as it is a mutual the Club is led by a Board of Directors drawn from its ship operating Members. Thomas Miller (P&I) Limited in London have acted as agents of managers Thomas Miller (Bermuda) Limited since 1969.

The UK Club’s continued strong business position means it remains focused on its key aim of providing top-level service for the membership. In addition to its pre-eminence in the P&I market and the International Group, the UK P&I Club leads the industry in the field of loss prevention. It regularly publishes major reviews on areas such as hazardous cargoes, correct preparation and loading of containers, human error and operational systems failures. It also provides topical advices in the form of technical bulletins and a weekly email claims bulletin.  

The Club has developed an extensive international network to serve a membership spanning over fifty countries. Club office locations include Piraeus, Isle of Man, Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan, New Jersey and San Francisco. A further 450 correspondents are located worldwide to support the Club and its Members.

The full range of Club activities and publications can be viewed via the UK Club's