As one of the world’s leading Floating, Production, Storage and Offloading (FPSO) service providers, Yinson Holdings (KLSE: “YINSON”) is setting standards in the way offshore oil and gas production is managed.

We design, construct, own, lease, and operate modern, purpose-built offshore production assets for the energy industry. Our extensive fleet of Floating, Production, Storage and Offloading (FPSO & FSO) and Offshore Support Vessels (OSV) deliver key equipment, technology, and capacity to meet the world’s demand for energy.

Over two decades of experience in the timely delivery of floating solutions for the offshore oil & gas industry, plus our commitment to excellent project execution, has brought us to where we are today – Yinson is the 6th largest independent FPSO leasing company globally.

We are also a values-based organisation. Not only are we passionate about meeting the world’s energy demands in a sustainable way, we also believe in curating a team of outstanding individuals who will dream, believe and work together with us in line with our Vision, Mission and Core Values that form the pillars of our foundation.

Vision - To be a global energy solutions provider that’s known for being reliable, open, adaptable, decisive and sustainable

Mission - Passionately delivering powerful solutions.

Core Values

Reliable - We always deliver on our commitments

Open - We foster an environment that promotes trust and learning through honest communication

Adaptable - We understand our stakeholders and collaborate to realise our common goals

Decisive - We take ownership of every situation by finding solutions to move forward

Sustainable - We seriously consider the economic, social and environmental impact of everything we do