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Corporate Membership
Individual Membership
Membership Fee Table
Panel of Arbitrators
Panel of Arbitrators CV Template
Useful Info
Authentication of Arbitration Award.
Procedures for Authentication/Certification SCMA Arbitral Awards
SCMA Arbitration Caseload
23 October 2015  
SCMA Rules 3rd Edition (October 2015) – Latest Version
Commentary on the 3rd Edition of the Rules of SCMA
Updated version of The International Arbitration Act (Cap143A)
1 July 2014  
Incorporation of SCMA Bye-Laws
6 March 2013  
Launch of SCMA Rules 2nd Edition (2009) – Korean Version
9 January 2013  
SCMA BIMCO Arbitration Clause (2013) / Amendments to SCMA Arbitration Rules 2nd Edition (2009)
SCMA Events
15 March 2017
SCMA 6th Annual Conference
Making Maritime Arbitration Work for you
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4 November 2016
SCMA Distinguished Speaker Series
BIMCO and Maritime Arbitration in the Asia Pacific
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11 October 2016
SCMA Arbitration Workshop
Looking into the mind of a Tribunal
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13 September 2016
SCMA & 39 Essex Members Event
Brexit – What are the implications for the commercial sector?
12 July 2016, SCMA Tea Talk
From Load Port to Discharge Port: Charting a Course through Current Legal Issues
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29 April 2016, SCMA Members Evening
Presentation - SCMA & LMAA – A Comparative Approach
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3 February 2016, SCMA Tea Talk
Bills of Lading
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15 January 2016, SCMA Tea Talk
Breaking up is hard to do
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